Build-a-Bot Information

Build-a-Bot Information

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Hi 👋  We’re Sarah and Andrew, and we’re building a community of ambitious builders. We’re looking to bring together people who are curious, have some free time, and interested in building a project portfolio.
We will host free cohorts for people to work on short-term projects. Everyone is welcome — students, currently full-time employees, or somewhere in between — this community is the best place to learn and build!
In our community people will get the chance to work with others across the country, learn/explore new skills, and be surrounded with other like-minded individuals to keep each other accountable.
We’ve seen first hand the importance of portfolio projects when it comes to job recruiting or college applications, and we’re hoping to foster a community to help others get a jump start on their careers.
If you have any questions or would like to hear more about Build-a-Bot, shoot us an email! ➡️
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